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Home Cinema

Home cinema systems are the ultimate way to enjoy your favourite movies or TV shows from the comfort of your own home.

They can come in the form of a soundbar or speakers to enhance your TV’s sound all the way up to a complete dedicated cinema room.

Having all this technology installed doesn't mean you have to end up with bulky speakers or cables everywhere though, we can install in-wall or ceiling speakers, motorised brackets to hide equipment at the touch of a button and we have years of experience in integrating this into your home with minimal disruption.


Audio systems

Who doesn’t love listening to music? Studies show that it can boost us both mentally and physically in surprising ways and we absolutely love bringing our customers easy access to their favourite artists.

These days there are several different ways to bring music into and outside your home, including integrated multi-room systems controlled from your phone or tablet, standalone all-in-one systems bringing flexibility and ease or  larger high quality Hi-Fi systems capable of reproducing music the way the artist would have intended.

Getting the right system for you and your requirements is as important as having it installed and calibrated correctly, all of which we’d love to help you with.


AV distribution

AV distribution allows you to hide all your AV equipment such as satellite boxes, amplifiers or games consoles out of sight and even give you access to these devices on more than one screen at once.

We can do this in full HD or 4K transmission so no picture quality is lost and even add in a control system so you can use an all-in-one remote or your original remote controls wherever you are in the home!


TV wall mounting

Mounting your TV on the wall can give you more living space, tidy up your room and keep it safely out of the way of any little fingers!

We have years of experience in discreetly and safely wall mounting TV’s in many different ways - slimline installs, motorised solutions, bathroom TV’s, there is no limit to what we can achieve for you!

Wifi Installation


The ever advancing smart home and our personal devices depend on a reliable internet connection now more than ever.

We offer carefully planned and configured, robust wireless and wired systems to ensure your devices run to their full potential.

For your stationary devices such as TV’s, audio systems or computers we always favour a hard wired CAT6 infrastructure and for your wireless devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops we can strategically place high speed wireless access points to ensure you have maximum speed and signal strength wherever you are, in or out of the home.

Home Security

Home Security

Security systems can come in several forms these days, any of which we are experienced in installing.

Maybe you want to be able to monitor your property on your mobile device via CCTV cameras WiFi wherever you are, or maybe you’d like to be notified every time your son or daughter unlocks your front door.

We offer a wide range of personalised security systems giving you peace of mind that your property and loved ones are safe wherever you are in world.

Home Shading

Home Shading

Automated blinds or curtains not only help create the perfect light level in a room but also save energy by automatically closing or opening to reject or allow sunlight into your property whilst you may be trying to heat or cool it.

We are certified installers of Lutron shading systems allowing us to offer the very best shading solutions on the market. With perfectly synchronised and near silent operation and a huge variety of fabrics and applications available, it’s clear why Lutron hold their impeccable reputation.

Home Automation

Home Automation

A simple to use and intuitive home automation system brings all of your home’s devices together to give you easy control.

We can automate your heating, lighting, shading, cinema, audio and security controls so they can all be accessed on one screen, controlled by voice or even adjusted automatically according to your location.

This means no more searching for different remote controls, no more jumping out of bed to turn the heating down, no more lights left on, no more worrying whether you locked the door or not and a whole lot more peace of mind, energy saved and time for you to enjoy your home.

The possibilities are endless- maybe you just want to control your lights from your phone or maybe you want an entire customised smart home, either way we love getting to know our customers and their requirements to enable us to offer a personalised and affordable solution.

lighting control

Lighting Control

The modern home demands much more than a simple on/off light. A beautifully designed space can be so easily let down by forgetting to incorporate a well thought out lighting system. By integrating a smart lighting system controlled by a smart switch, from your phone, from your location or even with your voice, we can ensure your living space is not only enhanced and enlivened but also as energy efficient as possible.

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